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Wearable light exoskeleton

Human-Robot Physical Interaction System
This is wearable light exoskeleton (Human-Robot Physical Interaction System) that can be used in movement of materials and to help the disabled and elderly to move, with a subsequent reduction in the industrial field of pathologies of the skeleton and muscles, while in the health care field it can improve the degree of independence of interested subjects. The exoskeleton is a wearable robot system that provides limb movement support and consists of a backpack with four limbs which faithfully reproduce the movements of the human body. Its strong innovative element lies in its implementation system, which uses electric motors in combination with elastic elements, different from those already available on the market, so as to allow for significant reduction of energy consumption, and with a drastic simplication of the controls, and a reduction in size and weight of the moving parts. Basilio Lenzo, Wearable Robotics. Winner of the Best Future Business Prize (250,000 euros). Third Edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize – 2013