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Brain control

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) for Assistive Technologies
Brain Control’s objective is to allow for the control of assistive technologies via the mind. It is intended for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis, various types of muscular distrophy, and subjects with motor and communicative disabilities. It has been designed most of all for patients suffering from completely or partially paralyzing diseases, but which does not attack intellectual functioning. Brain Control allows for the expression of feelings and needs; moving one’s own wheelchair; interacting with friends and relatives via social networks, email, sms text messages; turning on and off lights; and even closing windows and doors. These are small gestures that are normal for most people, but the Interface is a true and proper revolution for those affected by degenerative neuro-muscular diseases and for those who have suffered brain damage due to ischemia and traumas. The target market is assistive health technologies for an estimated value of 15 billion euros around the world and 130 million euros in Italy. The product will be sold or rented to health structures via distributors and to patients via a direct channel. The project is sustained by AISLA (the Italian ALS Assocation), ARISLA (the Italian ALS Research Assocation) as well as the Maugeri Foundation and has obtained significant national and international recognition in the past few months. Pasquale Fedele, Liquidweb Founder. Winner of the Best New Social or Cultural Business Prize (100,000 euros). Second Edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize – 2012